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Paris sunset from Sacre Couer
The Lego Batman Movie: The new installment in the Lego series. Took the kids to see this
on a matinée Sunday. The kids were so excited and loved it. I liked the movie as it was
entertaining, but it wasn't as good for me as the original Lego movie. I think there were
some slow parts, but Lincoln remained engaged for the whole movie. In the previews,
there was a trailer for Ninjago, and that looks pretty good.
Spydey 8/10, the Rowan 10/10 and the Lincoln 10/10

La La Land: We loved this movie. I thought the start was interesting but kinda slow. Once
Ryan Gosling's character Sabastian showed up, it was full speed ahead! I've said before
that if a movie pops back into your head days later, then that's a good movie. This movie
has been popping up in my thoughts since I left the theater. It's fun and it makes you
think. Lots of emotion and two stars in Gosling and Stone carry the day. I highly
recommend this movie.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:  This was the annual Sheridan family movie this
Christmas. It was a good adventure and I liked it. I did think there were some issues with
the story and pace of the movie, but not enough to change how much I enjoyed it when
done. This has me waiting in anticipation for the Han Solo and Boba Fett Star Wars
stories that will be coming soon. Rowan really loved her first Start Wars movie in the
Spydey 9/10, the Mrs /10, and the Rowan 10/10

Moana: Brooke and the kids went to this one and I'll have to get her to write a review!
The Mrs. 10/10, the Rowan 10/10, and the Lincoln 10/10

Doctor Strange: The next Marvel installment moved everything forward and created a
whole new line of story.
Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome as Stephen Strange. Well
paced and exciting story kept you wanting more.  Looking forward to where they take this
character in the whole scheme of things.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10

Secret Life of Pets: This was a fun movie. We made a family night of it and the kids had a
great time. They love animals so this was right up their alley. Rowan liked the fat cat and
thought she was really funny. Lincoln enjoyed the new big dog. Of course he gave the
movie a 16 again!
Spydey 8/10, the Mrs. 9/10, the Rowan 10/10 and the Lincoln 16/10
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