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Captain Marvel
This was a birthday family movie outing for the Mrs. We'd been waiting for this movie since Infinity War ended
last Spring. It was an entertaining flick packed with action scenes and back stories for the main characters.
Loved the fill in on Fury's character and the MCU origin story for Captain Marvel. I felt they could have trimmed
the movie by 15-20 minutes to tighten up the story. The Mrs. said it was perfect and the kids loved it too. I
definitely would like to see it again. After the extra scenes, we're ready for
Avengers: Endgame in 6 weeks.
Spydey 9/10, the Mrs. 10/10, the Rowan 10/10, and the Lincoln 10/10

Lincoln and I caught this flick on probably it's last weekend in the theaters. My brother told me that it was a good
time and best seen on the big screen. After seeing the crazy battle scenes, I can agree with that statement, as
it's much better on a bigger format. I went in with seriously low expectations because DC movies move way too
fast to build their characters. For what Marvel would take 3-4 movies, DC tries to do it in 20 minutes. There was
lots of comic book movie stuff for sure. Aquaman Jason Momoa carries this movie so much that when he's on the
screen, it's a more fun movie. Not much else to talk about with the other characters as they're pretty shallow.
Lincoln LOVED this movie and I think it was made for him!
Spydey 7/10 and the Lincoln 10/10

Ralph Breaks the Internet
This was a treat movie hosted by Heritage Elementary rewarding Rowan for her great behavior. That's a pretty
cool bonus for being an awesome student! Rowan said she liked the movie, but it had some scary parts and was
not as good as the first one. She told the rest of us we could wait to see this at home.
Rowan 7/10

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
A very satisfying end to the Dragon story we started with Rowan over 8 years ago. We had the whole family and
included our stuffed animal dragons we've collected over the years. I didn't think it was the best of the three, but
as a concluding movie for the dragon story, it hit the mark. The kids LOVED this movie and are a little upset it's
come to an end. The movie inspired a dragon drawing session and play acting with our dragon friends upon our
return home.
Spydey 8/10, the Mrs. 8/10, the Rowan 10/10 and the Lincoln 10/10

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
Kids went to this one on President's Day with their Nana and Papa. Both said that it was a good movie but it
wasn't as good as the first one. Asked Papa what he thought. He said, "it's talking blocks." LOL
Rowan 7/10, the Lincoln 7/10, the Nana 7/10, and the Papa 6/10

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Took Lincoln out for this one and we all loved it! Some new animation sure helped keep you engaged. I think this
would be best viewed at the movie theater, not sure if the animation and colors will come across as well on a
smaller screen. What a great way to introduce the Myles Morales Spider-Man. Also, if you've seen any of the
Disney XD Spider-Man shows, that would help too as I already knew about the Spider-Verse. Let's face it,
Spider-Pig, if unknown, is quite a shock. However the film makers incorporated all the different Spider-Man
characters seamlessly. They have lots of room to make more of these in the future too.
Spydey 10/10, the Mrs. 10/10, and the Lincoln 10/10
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