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Paris sunset from Sacre Couer
Black Panther
Valentine's date night for the new Marvel movie. What a great time we had! We loved
this movie and it was especially amazing in IMAX. An opening night viewing is so
different than any other night. The audience was pumped and ready for a great show,
and Black Panther didn't disappoint. I think we'll be seeing this again with the kids at
some point. We would recommend seeing this in the theaters as the scenery on the
big screen is awesome.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
We finally got out to see the latest Start Wars movie. I found myself a little frustrated
with several scenes in the movie, but it was a good story. Brooke loved it from the
start and I think both of us would be up for a second viewing. I think we'll see with kids
in our own living room as the running time is just too muck for Lincoln.
Spydey 9/10 and the Mrs. 10/10

Nana and Papa took the kiddos to this one in the theaters. Rowan liked the animation
but felt the story was just OK. Her favorite character was the Goat. Lincoln liked the
movie. He thought it was pretty fun.
Rowan 8/10 and the Lincoln 8/10

Rowan went to this movie with Lincoln and other family. Spydey and the Mrs. were
working. Rowan says that the movie was weird. She didn't like the skeleton animation
and there was a lot of that! She knows that many people loved this Pixar movie, but
she's sticking with Wall-E as her favorite. She also likes to watch Ratatouille with her
Rowan 7/10 and the Lincoln 8/10

Thor: Ragnarok
Took Lincoln on opening night and loved it. Fun story from beginning to end, enough
to take Rowan as a family a week later. Recommend highly.

Update: We bought this on iTunes as soon as it came out.

Spydey 10/10, the Mrs. 10/10, the Lincoln 10/10, and the Rowan 10/10
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Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Incredibles 2,
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