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Paris sunset from Sacre Couer
Secret Life of Pets: This was a fun movie. We made a family night of it and the kids had a
great time. They love animals so this was right up their alley. Rowan liked the fat cat and
thought she was really funny. Lincoln enjoyed the new big dog. Of course he gave the
movie a 16 again!
Spydey 8/10, the Mrs. 9/10, the Rowan 10/10 and the Lincoln 16/10

Finding Dory: Rowan and Lincoln went with Nana to watch this movie. Lincoln says that
this movie is "Daddy, a 16!" I think that means he really liked it. His favorite part was when
Dory found her family, hope that doesn't spoil it for you! Rowan: the movie was great but
she wanted less human characters in it. She liked to just have the animals. Her favorite
part was the whale that always bumped into walls. Nana felt it was as good as Finding
Nemo, she loved it.
The Nana 10/10, the Rowan 10/10 and the Lincoln 16/10

Captain America: Civil War: Another great movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really
liked how it continued the stories began in the very first Cap movie The First Avenger.
Significant character changes for many of your favorites. It'll be interesting to see how
they play out through Infinity War. Really looking forward to the new Black Panther and
second Ant Man movie now.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10

Zootopia: The Mrs. says it's a very good movie with an excellent message. Lincoln says
"it's a 16!" Rowan says there were some scary parts and didn't have enough excitingness.
Review the Review: Rowan said that in hindsight the movie was actually better than she
thought. She wanted to adjust her review up.
The Mrs. 9/10, the Rowan 9/10 and the Lincoln 16/10

Kung Fu Panda 3: Rowan said her favorite part was when Po turned into the Master
Warrior. It's Lincoln's favorite part too. The Mrs. loved this movie and her favorite part was
when Po rolled down the hill. We might get this one at some point.
The Mrs. 9/10, the Rowan 10/10 and the Lincoln 10/10

Deadpool: Awesome. Totally awesome. As many outlets have reported, this R rated
superhero movie was an anomaly. One I hope Hollywood chooses to repeat with other
titles. Comics are more that PG13 faire. Can't wait for Deadpool 2.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10
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