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Paris sunset from Sacre Couer
Nana and Papa took the kiddos to this one in the theaters. Rowan liked the animation but
felt the story was just OK. Her favorite character was the Goat. Lincoln liked the movie. He
thought it was pretty fun.
Rowan 8/10 and the Lincoln 8/10

Rowan went to this movie with Lincoln and other family. Spydey and the Mrs. were
working. Rowan says that the movie was weird. She didn't like the skeleton animation and
there was a lot of that! She knows that many people loved this Pixar movie, but she's
sticking with Wall-E as her favorite. She also likes to watch Ratatouille with her dad.
Rowan 7/10 and the Lincoln 8/10

Thor: Ragnarok
Took Lincoln on opening night and loved it. Fun story from beginning to end, enough to
take Rowan as a family a week later. Recommend highly.
Spydey 10/10, the Mrs. 10/10, the Lincoln 10/10, and the Rowan 10/10

The Lego Ninjago Movie
We had planned on going to the IU game, but it was so hot we decided to have a family
day at the movies. Luck for us, this movie was released that weekend. Unlucky for us, it
was completely different than the animated series we all love on TV. Because of that, I
didn't care for this movie. I think the kids were entertained, but if it continued the story and
relationships from the series, it would have been so much better.
Spydey 6/10, the Mrs. 6/10, the Rowan 6/10 and the Lincoln 6/10

Wonder Woman
This was our anniversary movie when we had some extra time at the end of the night. We
both wanted to see it as it'd been getting great write ups after it's release. We both liked it,
the Mrs. more than I. She loved the female character and her interactions with the other
characters. I too liked the characters, especially Wonder Woman and her team on the
battlefield. I did not like the last 30 minutes of CGI heavy action for the sake of CGI. It was
just too much after they had set the scene the whole movie with low key CGI. I felt that was
typical DC Comic movie traps they fall into. It is the best DC Comic movie, but let's be
honest, that's not saying much.
Spydey 7/10 and the Mrs. 9/10

The Emoji Movie
Walked into the theatre for this one somewhat reluctantly. I knew critics slammed it, and
half my family had gone to Dunkirk. With that said, i was pleasantly surprised. As an apple
geek and app fanatic (let's face it, some have change life as we know it), I enjoyed all the
tech references and laughed out loud a few times. The characters were endearing, the
music fun, and the story line was original and unpredictable.
The Mrs. 8/10 the Rowan 6/10
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