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Paris sunset from Sacre Couer

Christopher Robin
This is the story of an older Christopher Robin being visited by his friends from the
Hundred Acre Wood. Rowan was treated to this movie by big Pooh fan Grandma. Rowan
says the movie is quite emotional with a few turns but really loved it. So did Grandma.
Rowan 8/10 and the Grandma 8/10

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Another Nana and Papa movie adventure for Rowan and Lincoln. I thought this might be
a little too scary, but was informed that it wasn't. Nana and Papa were quite entertained
and loved the cinematography. Papa said the story was as you'd expect from the
previous Jurassic movies. Rowan and Lincoln of course love it and were back to playing
with old dinosaur toys upon their return home.
Rowan 9/10, the Lincoln 9/10, the Nana 9/10, and the Papa 8/10

Mission Impossible: Fallout
I was excited to see this movie at the beginning of the summer. That only increased with
its trailers were released. It totally lived up to billing. What a ride! The Mission Impossible
series only got stronger with this one. Loved the way they continued story lines from
previous movies. Action scenes were as you'd expect from MI, top notch. Rogue Nation
and Ghost Protocol are reviewed in the
Previous Movie Reviews with solid 9/10s. So it's
no surprise about Fallout.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies
Spydey and the Mrs. got out of this one as Nana and Papa took the kids during vacation
week. The scores are generational as Rowan loved the movie with Nana and Papa a firm
"meh". I will say that Papa laughed when retelling some parts of the movie. I think it was
enjoyable, but since they didn't know background it wasn't as much fun.
Rowan 9/10, the Lincoln 7/10, the Nana 5/10, and the Papa 6/10

Ant-Man and the Wasp
Boys day at the movies for this one. The Lincoln joined Spydey for a Marvel afternoon
matinée. I really enjoyed the second Ant-Man movie the same way I enjoyed the first one.
A much smaller, tight knit start and finish story. There were several parts where I laughed
out loud in the theater. Some really funny lines. There connections to the MCU, but only
as a back story. I look forward to seeing these characters again.
Spydey 9/10 and the Lincoln 9/10

The Incredibles 2
On a quiet summer day, the Mrs. and the kiddos went to check this one out in a matinée.
They were very happy they did! It took a while to wait for the second installment, but it
was worth it.
The Mrs. 10/10, the Lincoln 9/10, and the Rowan 10/10

Avengers: Infinity War
The Mrs. and I saw this opening week and I thought it was one of the best Marvel movies
ever. Action packed and they did an excellent job of incorporating all the different
characters from all the movies into one huge extravaganza! This is the darkest Marvel
movie so far and it's not a happy ending, so prepare yourself. I'm sure we'll be buying this
on when it's released on iTunes. Can't wait for the conclusion next summer.
Spydey 10/10 and the Mrs. 10/10
Second viewing with Spydey: the Lincoln 10/10
Update: We bought this on iTunes the week it came out. Good stuff.
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